Coaching CV 

                                       Real Madrid C.F. Fundacion Clinic


  • Headmanager off more than 30 Real Madrid Clinic camps in Europe.
  • Trainied and specified in offensive gaming by Real Madrid Phylosophy.
  • Specified in modern training and match digital analytics.
  • Scouting from youth talents players.
  • Goalkeeper Coaching.

                                 Nanjing FA Football Federation  (China)


  • Developing of professional structures inside the FA.
  • Developing of modern standart from youth league sytstem.
  • Founding from youth district teams.
  • Scouting from youth talents in Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province.
  • Teaching from Chinese Fotball coaches and school teachers.
  • Teaching from Chinese AFC D,C, License Coaches.

                                             Xinjiang FA  U-18  (China)


  • Advising & Assistant Coach.
  • Advising Coach  for the offensive players.
  • Advising Coaching for the specified strikers gameplay.
  • Goalkeeper Coaching.

BSU Beijing Sport University   北京体育大学  (China)

  • Guest lecturer for Football Coaching lessions to students.
  • Analyses and teaching how to organise and practice youth training by FIFA and UEFA standarts.
  • Teaching about FIFA rules and Statuses from Pro and youth players.
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