Coaching Media Zone

Real Madrid C.F.  Youth Fundacion Clinic


Coaching Videos/Photos:

  • Offensive Gameplay.
  • Fast speed striker competition.
  • Technical passing training.
  • Goalkeeper training.




  Xinjiang FA  U-18  (China)


Coaching Videos/Photos:

  • Advising & Assistant coaching.
  • Advising of offensive gameplay.
  • Advising and coaching from striker gameplay.
  • Teaching in Digital media match and training analytics.
  • TV Clip CCTV China.

Official Homepage Text from the BSU   CLICK HERE 

    Nanjing  FA  Jiangsu Province  (China)


Videos & Photos:


  • Developing of FIFA standart youth league systems.
  • Developing of forming Jiangsu Province National team.
  • Scouting of youth talents in Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province.
  • Teaching School and Fotball coaches for youth training.


BSU - Beijing Sport University  (China)


Asia`s biggest & largest Sport University.

  • Guest lecturer for Football Coaching.
  • Guest lecturer for FIFA Rules and player St.
  • teaching about developing and art of modern digital youth talents training.
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